Exceptional Benefits of Hosting Your Trade Show at Red Baron Arena & Expo

Nestled in the heart of southwest Minnesota lies the Red Baron Arena & Expo. More than just an event venue, this space has a unique combination of flexible and accessibile amenities that cater to events of all sizes, making it the perfect setting for your next trade show.

Choosing Red Baron Arena as your next trade show venue offers more than just a place to set up your exhibits. It provides an environment conducive to success with amenities that enhance the experience, all set in the vibrant town of Marshall, MN.

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A Trade Show Venue with Versatility and Size Accommodation

Whether you are planning a small business meet-up or a large-scale national trade show, the Red Baron Arena & Expo is the ideal setting. Its multi-purpose configuration adapts to your event's unique needs, providing versatility that sets the stage for a successful trade show. We believe that size should not compromise quality, and our venue seamlessly accommodates events of varying sizes, meeting your specific requirements, without sacrificing the overall trade show experience.

Trade Show Success Stories at Red Baron Arena

Through the years, we’ve been proud to be part of numerous trade show success stories. Testimonials from our satisfied clients like Ronald P. below validate our commitment to providing an unparalleled trade show experience at the Red Baron Arena.

Red Baron Arena Gun Show

"We have utilized the Red Baron Arena & Expo for our event for the past three years and it has been a huge success. The venue offers us the space we need and the service has been on the spot. The facilities crew goes out of their way to make sure we have the setup we need. The facility is clean, well lit and very well maintained. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them."


Ronald Prorok, Pheasants Forever Banquet & Marshall Gun Show

Key Trade Show Event Specifications and Amenities

A Detailed Look at the Red Baron Arena Size and Options

One of the main reasons Red Baron Arena stands out as a trade show venue is its wealth of space and amenities. The Main Arena spans a total of 25,300 sq ft, accommodating large-scale trade shows comfortably, holding a capacity of 1900 people. Our 3 meeting rooms ranging from 414 to 1815 sq ft cater to any break-out sessions or private meetings that may be a part of your trade show.

Action Arena Floor

Capacity: 1900

Rate Per Day: $1,250

Room Size: 220' x 115' x 34'

Square Ft: 25,300

Theater: 1,900

Exhibit Booth: 145

Banquet Rounds: 800

Additional Seating: Bleachers can be pulled out for additional seating

Key Amenities

Equipped with a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, high-speed Wi-Fi, and concession stands offering a variety of food and beverage options, Red Baron Arena provides a seamless experience. Additionally, the vast parking area that can accommodate all attendees comes free of charge.

Advanced Audio-Visual System: Equipped with a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, ensuring everyone at the trade show can see and hear all presentations clearly.

Concession Stands: Featuring several concession stands offering a variety of food and beverage options to keep attendees refreshed.

High-Speed Wi-Fi: Providing seamless, uninterrupted Wi-Fi access to keep everyone connected.

Free Parking: A vast parking area that can accommodate all attendees, free of charge.

Packed with these features, Red Baron Arena leaves no stone unturned to guarantee your trade show is a grand success. Experience it yourself by booking the venue for your next event.

Transform Your Next Tradeshow into an Unforgettable Experience

More Than Just a Meeting Venue

Hosting your trade show at Red Baron Arena also grants you access to the diverse attractions Marshall, MN has to offer. From comfortable accommodations nearby to dining options with culinary experience and many unique shopping destinations to entertainment options, there is something for everyone, making the trade show experience enjoyable beyond the event itself.

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Distinctive Benefits of Hosting Your Trade Show at Red Baron Arena & Expo

1. Various Spaces: The Red Baron Arena & Expo offers a spectrum of spaces, from large expo floor to intimate meeting rooms.

2. Modern Infrastructure: The facility boasts cutting-edge technology, ensuring flawless presentations and live demonstrations.

3. Easily Accessible: Located in southwest Minnesota, the venue is easy to reach by road or air.

4. Sufficient Parking: With extensive parking, finding a spot is never a concern for your visitors.

5. Dedicated Support Staff: Our devoted team provides planning assistance, on-site support, and technical expertise.

6. Diverse Catering Options: Our local area catering services offer everything from coffee breaks to full-course meals.

7. Comfortable Lodging Facilities: Numerous hotels nearby offer a wide range of choices for overnight stays.

8. Local Area Arts, Entertainment and Shopping: Our vibrant town of Marshall, MN has a variety of attractions to explore beyond the trade show, making it a memorable experience for your attendees.

9. Commitment to the Environment: Hosting your event at Red Baron Arena means partnering with a venue that values sustainability and green practices.

Ready to elevate your next trade show?

Contact our team and we will be eager to help you plan an extraordinary event. With a combination of top-notch amenities, versatile spaces, and a vibrant surrounding town, Red Baron Arena is the ultimate destination for your next trade show.

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